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Holistic Healing for Mind Body & Spirit

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My Healing Therapies

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Reiki Treatment

Intuitive Energy Healing

My Reiki energy healings help to restore the strength and free flow of vital life force energy through the body which allows the mind, body and spirit to come into its natural state of love, peace, healing and restoration.

This is a hands-on body treatment that leaves my clients feeling blissful, relaxed and renewed.

The infusion of Reiki healing energy that is channelled through me intuitively releases stagnant and negative energy (behaviour patterns, emotions & thoughts) because trauma, emotional & mental stress, false belief systems & conditioning, physical & environmental stress, and other blocks to our personal growth can be stored in the energy fields of our bodies, impacting our ability to function at our full potential.

Energy healing brings the mind, body and energy systems (meridians, auric bodies, chakras, nadis) back into a positive state of balance & harmony to enable the healing process so you can be at your best!

In my Reiki energy healings I also conduct crystal and/or sound healing if intuitively guided to do so to assist in clearing deeper blocks. I have intuitively chosen certain crystals to work with during my sessions for their healing properties for each energy centre in your body, and I have seven high quality handmade Tibetan sound healing bowls from Nepal that are music note attuned to each chakra.

I love showing my clients how just a few treatments can make an enormous difference to their overall vitality, health and wellbeing ~mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually!


My healing space is in Galston, a tranquil leafy suburb in the Hills District of Sydney, Australia.

The price is $120 per 60 minute session or $160 for a 90 minute session without cards or $180 for 90 minute session with cards which allows us to spend more time on the intuitive guidance which complements the healing and allows for specific questions 

(you get the best of both worlds - my most popular option!)


No matter where you are located physically in this world, you are able to benefit from a Reiki healing with me. As we are all energy, I am able to connect to your higher self and perform the healing, just as if you were present.

During a distant healing session I will tune into your energy field and chakras and identify any blockages, and I will perform crystal and/or sound healing in conjunction with the Reiki if I am guided to do so. I will also choose oracle cards to bring you some guidance to integrate the healing and for your journey right now.

You have the option of scheduling a session live via phone (WhatsApp for international clients) or Skype. Alternatively I will do it on my own and I will send you an email on completion with an outline of what was done during the healing. I welcome and encourage communication at any stage.

I will do the healing within 48 hours of payment if remote option chosen otherwise preferably I will conduct the healing with you on the phone at a mutually suitable time.

The price is $120 (AUD) for a 60 minute session, or for $160 (AUD) for a 90 minute session or $180 with oracle cards which allows us to spend more time on the intuitive guidance which complements the healing and allows for specific questions.

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Holistic Counselling

Is it time to release yourself from all that's holding you back from shining your beautiful authentic light and living a life filled with abundance, happiness and harmony? To truly love yourself wholeheartedly from the inside out?

Holistic counselling recognises the whole person in the experience ~ the mind, emotions, body and spirit. This holistic approach is much more deep, thorough and lasting when compared to the average talk therapy modality. I will hold a nurturing and loving space for you with non-judgement, compassion and empathy. I will help you unravel your feelings to gain clarity and a fresh perspective with whatever challenges you are facing. We will have you feeling safe, supported and empowered!

Whilst I hold this space in my healing sessions, this counselling session will allow us to go even deeper into the psychology of healing; including inner child healing, releasing emotional blocks, clearing generational trauma, breaking old cycles - thoughts, behaviours, habits and beliefs that no longer serve you, deepening your love connection with yourself and others, learning mindfulness, meditation and everyday practices to improve your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing - and more! Our session will be tailored to your individual needs ~ every soul is unique. Combine this with an Energy Healing in a 90 minute session for an even deeper healing as I will work directly with your energy field to release & infuse what has been uncovered during our session in a powerful way.


My holistic healing & counselling space is in Galston, a tranquil leafy suburb in the Hills District of Sydney, Australia.

The price is $120 (AUD) per 60 minute Holistic Counselling session or $160 (AUD) for a 90 minute session which includes an energy healing for the last part of the session.


No matter where you are located physically in this world, you are able to benefit from Holistic Counselling with me.

The price is $120 (AUD) for a 60 minute session, or for $160 (AUD) for a 90 minute session which includes distant Energy Healing.

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My private yoga classes are a sacred space for embracing the healing and transformation of your body and mind. I offer dynamic Vinyasa flow yoga sequences for the more eager/ advanced yoga, gentle, nourishing, slow Hatha restorative yoga sequences, through to personalised Yin Yoga sequences to target specific meridians according to Chinese Medicine and to completely relax the mind and body, mantras, meditation and yogic philosophy. Yoga is a deeply spiritual practice; it brings you in harmony with your inner self, creates stillness in the mind and detoxes what needs to be released through the body's movements and flow of chi. Every session will be tailored to your unique abilities and requirements ~ mind, body and soul!

Private Yoga sessions available in my healing space in Galston or on Zoom. Book online now!

GROUP YOGA CLASSES also now available with me in Dural.

Join me for a 60 minute moving meditation ~ connect with your heart, body and breath. My classes are gentle, nourishing and rejuvenating. Also suitable for beginners.

Tuesdays 9.30am and Fridays 7pm. Contact me to register your interest!

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Twin Flame / Soulmate / Divine Union Guidance & Healing

This session is tailored specifically for those looking for guidance & healing in relation to their love life. I am a twin flame guide & healer, having walked the path myself I can speak from a place of empowerment, truth, and on the other side of the perceived pain and suffering these divinely guided soul connections can bring, which is ALL for your highest good - and I can show you how so! Are you tired of the endless back and forth, the hot and cold, the toxic cycles with your special someone? Are you sick of feeling like you're on a roller-coaster going nowhere and still not number one? You deserve peace & fulfillment. It's time to learn the lessons, wrap up the cycles, call back your power and step into your self-love and liberation. I have a wide variety of love themed card decks I use for guidance, I can bring forward messages from your divine counterparts higher self if you request this and I facilitate the healing either in-person at Galston in Sydney, Australia, or via WhatsApp for international clients.

A twin flame/ soulmate guidance & healing session is $180 for 90 minutes.

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Crystal Healing

In addition to being a Reiki Master, I am a certified Crystal Healer. I use this technique in conjunction with my other healing therapies, most commonly during my healing sessions.

I place crystals at certain points on the body intuitively (therefore it differs for each person) and I use them as a tool to assist in chakra clearing and rebalancing which helps activate each client's natural healing processes as well as restoring their physical, mental and emotional balance and well-being.

I also use them to assist with the removal of stubborn negative energies and/or attachments that are within your aura. I tend to see that the addition of crystal healing is like a supercharge to the energy healing!

This healing modality is included in the cost of an energy healing session (please see above). If you would like to request specifics with the crystal healing please contact me to discuss.

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Sound Healing

Sound healing is brings harmony to the mind, body and spirit. I use the highest quality handmade professional Tibetan sound healing bowls that I sourced from Nepal which are music note attuned to each chakra for unblocking, releasing, soothing and healing. These sound waves penetrate deeply into the energetic field through the vibrations of sound, which clears blocks and disharmony within the energy field of the recipient. I offer sound healing as a stand alone treatment or more commonly, in conjunction with Reiki and/or crystal healing.

"It has been found that musical vibrations make their impact upon the entire body, being picked up by the nerves, spinal column, and even by the bones. This is why people who are deaf can react to music. It has also been demonstrated that music affects the pulse, respiration, and blood pressure; but it’s deepest effects, and those from which most of it’s curative properties are derived, are mental and emotional." - Doren Antrim

A sound healing session is $120 (AUD) for 60 minutes where you will be fully immersed in a personalised sound healing heaven!

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Intuitive Guidance Readings

The readings I offer are high vibrational and intuitive based ~ full of love, light, guidance and support. I am attuned to the higher realms, so I call on your higher self, guides, angels, the Archangels & Ascended Masters to assist me with what guidance is best for you on your journey at this time.

This is an intuitive guidance reading which can be used as a portal for you to connect with your higher self, spirit team and the angels to see what messages they have for you at this time.

You can pick any topic you would like to focus on. I specialise in love readings (soulmates/ twin flames). It is best to be open with detail of your concern/ situation so I can tune into it. You can also ask direct questions. I don't give future predictions. I am intuitive, not psychic.  It is best to take what resonates and make your own decisions. I will intuitively choose a deck that feels right for you.

I work differently to the average reader. As this is an intuitive guidance session, I prefer to hold the session on the phone (WhatsApp for international clients) or Skype, so we can connect & work through the guidance together & I will relay my intuitive messages directly (excludes mini readings).

The cost for a standard session is $100 (AUD) for 45 minutes.

The mini reading is $50 (AUD). This will be performed via distance and emailed to you on completion.

Healing Services: Text
Zen Stones

"Let me fall if I must...
The one I will become will catch me..."

Philosopher's Stone

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